UK Spouse Visa Application - How to make your own application part 1

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Basically he needed proof that we shared a genuine relationship.


However, I have scoured many forums and everyone seems to agree that the 28 day rule starts at the time you submit your online application. Alternatively, this can come from a combination of sources. Documents I arranged: Marriage West virginia mfa creative writing.

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You must be married to your spouse and you must have met in person. If so, then you have come to the right place!

If there are any compassionate aspects of your case e. This is where we can help.

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I have been to primary and secondary school here in the UK. Letter of Invite from my wife for my previous trip to London.

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I arranged for every small detail that can serve as evidence. I do not fall within any of the exclusions.

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We rang up our bank west virginia mfa creative writing get official bank statements of six months worth printed out on colored, headed paper, had a manager sign and stamp each page with their seal, include a signed and dated cover letter stating the number of pages that were authentic aka: all of them. Annexure A Click Annexure A to see the format : Evidence of why writing a travel grant application families considered us to be a good match.

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I have been working in my current role as xxx at xxx since DATE. You can get this when you open Skype on your computer. Like most of the information from the government, it is up for discussion. I am simply someone who has struggled through the UK spouse settlement visa process and have written a guide about the steps I took to get accepted.

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It must be noted that cash savings cannot be combined with income from self-employment. In this section, you will need to write about your relationship with your spouse, giving details of when you and your spouse met, when your relationship began, when you married and so on.

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If you are over the age of 65, you do not need to meet the English language requirements. However, it does not go on to specify what part of the UK spouse visa process counts as the date of submission.

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If you already have leave to remain and you are applying to extend it, and you currently have access to public funds, you dissertation presentation powerpoint slides need to explain that you still need public funds for your next grant of leave.

Are you missing them and want to join them in the UK so you can live together permanently?

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Joint account statement post marriage with fixed deposit summary. I also had them mention the total amount in our savings as they were spread across different accounts and we didn't trust immigration to take the time to try to actually add it.

  • I do not fall within any of the exclusions.
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  • Are you fed up of having to suffer the hassle and heartache of a long-distance relationship?
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  • Nathalia is back in Colombia and is taking this time to be with her parents and family before she can join me, if her visa application is successful.