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After the examination process has been completed and confirmation has been received from the examiner s that any corrections required have been satisfactorily completed, one hard bound copy and one electronic copy in PDF format on a CD, DVD or USB flash drive should be deposited with the Postgraduate Research Service. Do you intend to look at the statutes and case law and synthesise uea undergraduate dissertations explanation of how the law fits together and the policy justifications behind it?

In particular you will consider the following: how you spend your time how to break down the dissertation uea undergraduate dissertations manageable tasks how to plan and prioritise your work how to maintain steady progress with your dissertation.

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Read more about Ethos. This workshop aims to help you to: Reflect on the stages of the dissertation writing process. If you are a student who thinks they may want to publish or have the chance to publish your work then ensure that you combine the statements for BOTH the dissertation aspects AND possible publication.

A narrative study of supply teaching.

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You will need to complete a signed Research Degree Entry Form and return it to the Postgraduate Research Service when uea undergraduate dissertations first submit your thesis. The difference between a bound copy held in a closed access section of UEA Library and an electronic version on the UEA repository is that the electronic version is regarded legally as a form of publishing.

For many theses this will not be an issue but all researchers submitting their electronic Library version will need to be careful to check whether any of the following apply: Confidential information: Is there any confidential information in your thesis?

All applicants are required to submit an ethics application and any other relevant documents e. Hardman What makes the staff tick?

  • If not, then we will dispose of it in an appropriate manner.
  • Workshop slides Your dissertation: managing your time Making effective use of your time is an essential aspect of successful, stress-free research.
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This workshop aims to help you manage the final stages of your research journey by suggesting strategies and techniques to enable you to: bring together the sections of your work put distance between yourself and your work so you can look at it critically proofread your work effectively. Please read the instructions on the form carefully and the guidance notes before completing your application.

Research with Impact Procedures and processes Procedures and processes All UEA employed staff, what to include in a psychology dissertation introduction students, and undergraduate students as part of statement of the problem in thesis proposal individual module or a Dissertation project undertaking los angeles business plan writers involving human participants are required to follow the UEA ethics procedures.

Related publications: Is there a related journal or other publication pending which includes substantial parts of the findings or outputs of your thesis What do I do if my thesis does include confidential or non-cleared copyright or commercial or prepublication material? In addition, you will still need to submit two soft bound copies for examination purposes.


What format does my thesis need to be in? A narrative discovery. Fowler Life in the classroom — A pupil perspective: an illuminative explanatory study.

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Staff and PGR students may wish to adapt these for their own research as long as they include all of the required details. A study of women engineers in the offshore oil and gas industry.

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For a PhD you should also explain what you think your work will add to knowledge in the area. It makes the institution's research outputs more visible, thereby enhancing the reputation of the university.

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A multiple case study. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

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What is it that you propose to examine that has not been studied in detail before? Workshop slides pdf [88KB] Handout pdf [33KB] Your dissertation: the literature review Having an understanding of the existing literature in your area of research is a key part of uea undergraduate dissertations dissertation, and is often one of the first pieces of dissertation research you will undertake.

  • Please note that templates are divided into those needed for coursework specific projects ONLY, e.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Is it an area where the law has a clear social or economic impact eg in competition or family law which has not been evaluated? Please note that templates are divided into those needed for coursework specific projects ONLY, e.

Option 3: If only small parts of your thesis are affected, you could consider providing an additional subject of the study thesis meaning electronic copy which has the sections of concern edited or redacted. Popular with other visitors.

How do I deposit my thesis? NEW Templates August below.

Dissertations and Theses

There are also example forms for virtual projects for each type of research project identified to give you a sense of how they might look in reality; feel free to use these as a guide but ensure that the language used fits your research population. Copyright applies to both published and unpublished works.

School of Economics - UEA To this end EDU REC asks that you only use software packages that have been licensed directly to the University so we can be confident of where that server is located and how data is being stored.

Discuss any potential problems which might prevent you from progressing through the dissertation writing process. An investigation into how online theses to uncover teachers knowledge. Is it an area of law of practical importance in which the courts have failed to produce clear doctrine?

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Failure to follow the ethical guidelines as set out by EDU REC could result in an investigation of possible misconduct and potential disciplinary procedures. Templates for obtaining informed consent and exemplars have been developed by the EDU committee to support the development of your own material and these What to include in a psychology dissertation introduction be used by students on undergraduate and MA taught courses.

Edem-Hotah The experiences of patients with tuberculosis and adherence to treatment: an exploratory study in Lambeth, South London.

Entry Qualifications

All students must discuss ethical procedures with their supervisor or tutor and seek approval from them before submitting an application to the EDU REC. A note on use of online survey software The use of some online survey software packages e,g.

Will you examine the law from what is a hypothesis in quantitative research particular theoretical standpoint, or do you wish to compare uea undergraduate dissertations jurisprudential viewpoints?

Workshop slides Your dissertation: managing your time Making effective use of your time is an essential aspect of successful, stress-free research.

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Identify common dissertation structures and the function of different sections and chapters. What are the advantages of theses being made available online? Your proposal should include the following: Official transcripts in English of your higher education qualifications A Personal Statement of to 1, words A CV detailing your work experience to date Two academic references Evidence of your English proficiency if English is not your first language A Research Proposal of 2, words Your research topic: Identify your area of interest and indicate your research question s.

What do I need to check before submitting? Speak to your supervisor in the first instance.

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What should I name my file? Understand the function of the Literature Review and issues to bear in mind before beginning to write one. It is hoped this will increase the impact of research on social, economic and cultural levels, and enhance cross-institutional and interdisciplinary join up.